Arranging A Funeral

Every funeral is different and these considerations are by no means exhaustive. It will help if you give some thought to the options open to you and discuss these with members of the family prior to making the funeral arrangements.


If there is to be a cremation there are many options available as to the final resting place of the ashes and we can guide you through these options.


We will advise you on the likely costs and provide you with a written estimate in advance of the funeral. We offer a range of coffins which includes, It is also possible for coffins to be decorated to reflect the life of the person that has died; the list is almost endless, so please ask.


Our chapel is available for you to visit at any time during the day or the evening providing you make an appointment. It is possible for the person that has died to be dressed in their own clothes that will be familiar to friends and family. You will need to consider whether jewellery, such as a wedding ring is to remain with the person who has died, or whether it will be removed and kept by a friend or family member.


We can place funeral notices and acknowledgements in local newspapers on your behalf and guide you with the wording of these. You will need to decide if you would like mourners to send flowers or donations to an appropriate charity in lieu of flowers.


You will of course be guided in this decision by your own religious beliefs and those of the person whose funeral you are arranging. A high proportion of funeral services are conducted by a minister of religion, but secular services are growing and we have a list of humanist or civil funeral celebrants who will conduct a non-religious service should this be your choice. Please see useful contacts for more information.


Often you can select the music that will be played on entering and leaving the place of service, as well as hymns or music during the service. In conjunction with the person who will lead the service, we can guide you with the order of service and arrange for these to be printed for you. These can be personalised with appropriate photographs drawings or a badge or emblem. We can also provide In Memoriam books to record the names of the mourners at the services.


We can advise on conveniently placed local hotels or arrange for outside caterers to attend either at your own home or in a local hall.


We can advise you on memorial options for both burials and cremations. In the case of a burial in a grave where there is an existing memorial, it is likely that this will have to be removed temporarily. We will arrange for the safe keeping of the memorial until such time as the second inscription is engraved and the memorial replaced.


There are many alternative options available for the funeral such as woodland burials; horse drawn vehicles; the scattering of ashes at sea and memorials for your garden.We can help to guide you through all these options as well as many other possibilities.

If you are looking for something a little different we can provide a range of distinctive picture coffins, with styles ranging from Religious to Sport.